Monday, April 25, 2011

Only @ Gugu (Specials)

Don't know what to order? How about GuGu's special rolls?

Summer Roll: Tuna, yellow tail, seaweed salad wrapped with soy wrap, salmon, lemon juice.

Omega-3 : Spicy tuna, sprout, salmon, spicy yellow tail, avocado, seaweed salad hand roll wrapped with soy wrap, sesame oil, and ponzu.

Q-balls: Seasoned crab wrapped with salmon topped with spicy sauce torched, crunches, crispy G, onion.

Yellow Tail Carpaccio: Thin slice yellow tail sashimi with chopped cilantro, jalapeno, Japanese pepper ponzu sauce, black tobiko.

Snow Man Roll: Spicy soft shell crab, spicy tuna, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber topped with baked scallop, mushroom, crab in a garlic butter sauce.

Rock The Bells: Spicy crab, deep fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, albacore topped with grilled w. onion, crunch jalapeno.

Salmon Bite: Fresh salmon, avocado, spicy crab, home made smoked bacon, sushi style garnish.

Blue Hawaiian: Deep fried shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, fresh tuna, deep fried jalapeno on top.

Salmon Lover 2: Deep fried shrimp, crab, avocado, fresh salmon, stuffed spicy tuna, jalapeno on top.

- Gu Gu Sushi in Hermosa and Redondo Beach,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Visit Gu Gu after a great day at the beach....

The summer time is approaching and you know you want to go to the beach on the weekends. Where do you go after a great day at the beach and your tummy is growling? You guessed it right, go to Gu Gu sushi and take advantage of 50% off deal on regular sushi (dine-in only)!!

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